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We carry freshly cut trees all grown in Wisconsin and sheared to perfection. The varieties we have available include: Balsam, both sheared and natural, Fraser Fir, Scotch pine, and White Pine. Heights range from 3 feet to 15 feet. If you have a special order, please call ahead. The Christmas trees are available the day after Thanksgiving. 

Each of our Christmas trees is individually tagged with care instructions and price.  After making your selection, you can have your Christmas tree wrapped, and we will carry and secure it to your vehicle for a safe trip home.


Our beautiful handmade fresh evergreen wreaths are available during the Christmas season. The wreaths start at 12" and go up to 6'. We can also make larger ones if ordered. We also have roping, door swags, arches, mantle pieces, windsocks, candy canes, porch pots (with and without lights) and other items made from the fresh greens. They can be decorated in a variety of colors.  And if you prefer to do it yourself, we have 5# bundles of boughs available in balsam, fraser, pine and cedar.


When you stop for a visit, enjoy a cup of hot apple cider and a homemade cookie as you check out the craft and gift area and the floral shop filled with poinsettias, fresh arrangements, green plants, and much more. The floral shop has a great variety of Christmas decorating and gift items.  Stop in and take a peek at our winter and nativity figurines, lit pictures, ornaments, artificial wreaths and candle rings, candles, and so much more.  Fresh arrangements designed in holiday containers are available for pick-up, or give us a call and we will be happy to deliver flowers for you. 


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