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Fall is a fun-filled time here at Nehm's Greenhouse. As the trees change to their autumn colors and the temperatures begin to cool, thoughts turn to decorating for the fall season.

A large supply of pumpkins line the parking lot, from the smallest that fits in the palm of your hand to the largest one that is almost too heavy to carry. There is also a large supply of gourds, Indian corn, corn stalks, straw bales and lots of outdoor decorations.

On the porch you will find painted pumpkins and gourds with bright smiling faces sitting among the straw bales. We also have regular and mini Indian corn decorated with bows and leaves to decorate your front door.

The lawn is filled with a lot of our favorite cartoon character cut-outs. Mickey and Donald are here, along with Barney and Baby Bop and Jiminee Cricket and Pinocchio. And we can't forget the whole crew from the Wizard of Oz, including the Tin Man and Toto.

Our Kid Koral has several kids (young goats) that love to be fed. It takes only a day or so for them to understand that anyone close by might have a handful of food. They also work for their pay with their funny antics and acrobatic feats.

Finish your day with a mouth watering caramel apple or pick up some fresh apples and flavorful squash. Take a peek at our craft area and check out the floral shop for a fall bouquet or a green or blooming plant. Fall is a wonderful time of year.

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