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Current hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 - 7:00
Saturday 8:00 - 6:00
Sunday 8:00 - 5:00

Early in the month of May is a great time to stop in to see the beauty of our sevengreenhouses full of colorful annuals, from Asters to Zinnias,ready to be planted in your gardens. It's the culmination of many months of work when the snow and winds were blowing.

Overhead there are hundreds of gorgeous hanging baskets and the aisle ways are filled with various plantersfrom which to choose.The colors and textures are all beautiful and sometimes make it hard to pick the perfect one for your yard.

The benches are filled witha group of annualsdeveloped by the Proven Winner Company. It is a wide group of plantsfrom around the world that bloom profusely over the summer and are easy to take care for. We grow more than 70 varieties including Bacopa,Super Bells, Osteospermum, Verbena, Butterfly Daisy, Nemesia, and manymore. Visit their website at London drugs canada coupon policy.

Since our early days, we have always specialized in beautiful geraniums in various colors. We grow cultured geraniums from cuttings that we feel give you
a superior plant that performs well and blooms throughout the summer. Along side the geraniums are all of the green plants such as spikes, vinca vine, and asparagus ferns.

And don't forget the vegetable garden. We carry a complete line of vegetable plants and a wide array of seedsfor your garden,along with fertilizers and soil amendments.

In the outdoor area we have benches of perennials available for any area of your yard including shade, part shade, or full sun. We have the benefit of having one of the largest wholesale perennial growers within 15 miles which allows us to get almost any perennial that might be of interest to you. If you don't see the one you want, please ask.

We also carry an assortment of lawn and garden accents to intersperse with your plants. Yard stakes are always popular along with stepping stones, wind chimes, and many other fun items.


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